About the Centre

The Centre aims to reduce CO2 emissions and support an environmentally friendly but reliable energy world by developing and implementing:

  • Techniques to carbon neutral fuels such as biomass and hydrogen to be used in systems designed for fossil fuels
  • Use of CO2 as a chemical feedstock for industry and manufacture – turning a waste into a product
  • Use of biomass as a feedstock for chemical processes as a replacement for fossil fuels
  • CO2 capture technologies for a range of in industrial sectors, including power, iron, steel, cement and glass-making
  • Automation of large energy-intensive processes to improve their flexibility and emission performance


The CDT aims to grow the next generation of research leaders and innovators, allowing them to develop a broad economic, societal and contextual awareness, as well as strong technical skills that will enable them to operate within multi-disciplinary team.

Significant funding

The centre has been successful in attracting significant funding from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) to support our programme.